Our partners at Physio Fitness provide an excellent physiotherapy and sports massage service on site.

Treating sports injuries, back and neck problems, post orthopaedic surgery, fractures and many other conditions, they work in partnership with our personal trainers, Pilates and swimming instructors to plan and manage the most effective programme for a safe, fast recovery. 

To book a consultation please call 020 7183 4436 or email.

Shelley Abraham

Chartered Physiotherapist


The founder and managing director of Physio Fitness, Shelley qualified as a chartered physiotherapist in 1994, gaining a BSc. and a MSc. in Neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy in 2000.

Shelley spent her first six years as a physiotherapist working in the NHS, alongside orthopaedic consultants and rheumatologists and has since worked in private practice, consolidating and expanding her knowledge and skills through training.

She has worked with many sports clubs over the years, including the British Judo Squad, is a member of the Cumberland Tennis Club, and looks after the UCS Old Boys Rugby club.

Shelley specialises in orthopaedics and sports injuries, joint manipulations and mobilisations, and acupuncture.

Nicolas Côté

Chartered Physiotherapist


Nic began his career as a physiotherapist in the NHS, as part of orthopaedic trauma and elective surgical teams, providing rehabilitation to patients. He has worked in numerous neuromusculoskeletal clinics, both in the NHS and privately; using manual therapy, exercise therapy (including Pilates), acupuncture, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy as treatment modalities.  Nic also has over 7 years experience working in the military setting with HM Forces, providing physiotherapeutic support to elite soldiers, soldiers in training, and provided rehabilitation to injured servicemen and women returning from operations.

He has worked with a diverse range of clients from semi professional Rugby Football Club North Walsham, to professional dancers and musicians, and even Orang-utans at the Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo. Other experience includes developing and tutoring an Anatomy & Physiology course for Pilates students for a London based Pilates organisation, while also having been a martial arts assistant instructor, and he has also travelled abroad on voluntary charitable projects.

Nic strongly believes that exercise and fitness are important to both physical and mental wellbeing, and strives for a holistic approach to health.

Emily Davies

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist


Emily trained as a sports and remdial massage therapist at the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM). She is a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She has a Dip SRMT (BTEC level 5). 

Emily has extensive experience practising deep tissue, sports and remdial massage techniques. She has an excellent understanding of the anatomy of the human body enabling her to fully understand how muscle tension, tightness and trauma affect the musculo-skeletal system. Her knowledge of many different medical conditions allows her to use her techniques in a variety of positions to improve the effectiveness of treatment. Emily appreciates how everyday stresses contribute to a build up of muscle tension and she provides patients with advice and stretches to maximise their results. Emily herself is a keen long distance runner and understands the importance of good training methods to improve the general health of our tissues to enable us to exercise to our full potential. 

Emily works closely with our in-house physiotherapists to ensure that patients get maximum gain from their treatment and rehabilitation using a combination of the two therapies.

Sergio Campos



Sergio graduated at Cespu University with first class honours in Oporto, Portugal. After graduating he went to Madrid where he specialized in Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia at University Castilla La Mancha.

He came to the UK in 2013, where he has been based in private practice working as Senior Physiotherapist at Wembley Stadium for the Football Association (F.A.) a well as working as a physiotherapist in the Occupational Health Department at the Brompton Hospital.

In Portugal he practised in private sports clinics, working close with National elite athletes in tennis, rugby, rowing, gymnastic and hockey. In addition, he worked pitch side with semi-professional footballcand basketball teams. He has also had experience working in the NHS Orthopaedic Hospitals where he gained experience in treating pre and post operative conditions.

As a ‘Hands on’ physiotherapist, Sergio favours a variety of manual techniques including Manual Trigger Points Therapy, Dry needling (technique with acupuncture needles), Electro-acupuncture and Kinesiology Taping.

He considers it very important to continue with his own professional development to keep him updated on new skills and techniques to provide the best care and treatment to aid the recovery of his patients.

He is extremely well placed to treat a wide range of conditions due to his diversity of experience for example musculo-skeletal conditions, orthopaedics cases and sport injuries. He has a keen interest in working with post trauma patients and post fracture patients.

Sergio himself is a keen sportsman but his most recent interest and passion is surfing!

Ian Jones



Since graduating from the University of Nottingham, Ian has gained a wide range of expertise managing a variety of conditions from post- operative rehabilitation to elite sports injuries. The majority of his time is spent working within a busy London physiotherapy department, however his strong sporting background has led him to work alongside a variety of rugby and hockey players ranging from elite to amateur level.

To further his knowledge within this arena Ian has become a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine, as well as completing a variety of post graduate courses in kinesiology taping, Acupuncture and soft tissue mobilisation techniques.Having played rugby to a high standard himself, Ian is more than aware of the importance of treating both sporting injuries and everyday complaints in the most time efficient manner and gains no greater satisfaction than seeing his patients return to full capacity as quickly as possible.

Anat Meier




Anat is a Swiss physiotherapist with an MSc degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Queen Mary University in London. Anat studied to be a physiotherapist initially in Switzerland and after working there for some years, she decided to move to London to undertake her Masters and continue her Physiotherapy career there.

Anat has a wealth of experience working with professional dancers and tennis players as well as treating many clients with musculo-skeletal injuries. Her Masters programme has enabled her to provide excellent rehibiltation for patients recovering from injuries. She also has had additional training in myofascial trigger point release, kinesiology tapping and acupunture. Anat herself if passionate about sport in general and has a personal interest in running, skiing, dance, tennis and yoga.