Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Workshops

We are delighted to launch our new health, fitness and wellbeing workshops and seminars programme this Autumn at UCS Active.  Open to both members and non-members, these events are free and take place on site at UCS.  Alongside our UCS Active fitness, health and exercise professionals, we also welcome external guest speakers to deliver a diverse and informative programme covering a range of specialist subjects including nutrition, endurance training, exercise and wellbeing.  

Booking is essential - contact reception for details.  

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Raw Food Diet: Health from the Inside Out / 23rd November 2018 6.30-7.30pm / Delivered by Gabriel Ward, a passionate health coach and cooking teacher who has studied and prepared plant-based food for over 10 years. 

Do you want to feel and look great, and to do it simply by giving your body exactly the food that it needs?

This talk addresses:

* Easy ways to get delicious and nutritious food into your diet right away.
* Simple practices that improve your digestion, so your body feels lighter and gets more benefit from the foods you eat
* Which foods to choose for longevity, vibrant energy, and glowing skin
* Simple delicious recipes you can make in a snap that really hit your hunger spot

Meet promptly at 6.15pm at UCS Active reception.  To book call reception on 020 7433 2127 or email

Enhancing Endurance Performance Physiological assessment, periodised planning and event preparation. / January 2018 - date TBC / Delivered by UCS Active Exercise Physiologist and founder of Sports Science Consultants Richard Brennan. 

An essential lecture for runners and cyclists looking to improve their performance over a certain distance/time. This talk looks at the lactate system, what it is, how to test it and how to improve it as well as the other physiological determinants such as movement economy and maximal oxygen uptake.  

Nutritional Needs for Athletes & Endurance / February 2018 - date TBC / Delivered by UCS Active Personal Trainer Dylan Karger

This lecture focusses on energy systems, fuelling requirements for different sports, sports nutrition products and nutritional periodisation (i.e. how to formulate a nutrition plan for sports performance).