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A new and exclusive 4 week personal fitness package for UCS Active members. 

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Meet with your personal Fitness Instructor once a week for 4 weeks for a 45 minute training session for only £100.

Before the first session there will be a consultation consisting of appropriate fitness tests (e.g. in-body reading, flexibility measurements or 1 rep max), followed by a discussion about goals, your fitness levels and potential injury limitations, before planning the program together.

This is a great way to receive some professional, affordable coaching and really kick-start your training or burst through a plateau!



Focus on building maximum muscle tissue and increasing your strength through the lower rep ranges, utilizing training methods from bodybuilding, powerlifting and Olympic lifting.


Find the balance between burning fat and gaining muscle, through improving your resistance training and cardiovascular fitness. Conditioning and strength will be key in creating a more rounded, athletic you!


Focus on prioritizing flexibility and posture. This is ideal for those who suffer with bad back, tight muscles, joint issues and/or poor posture. Through appropriate resistance training and developmental stretching, as well as core stability exercises and balance, you will become a more limber version of yourself!


If marathons or triathlons are events that you want to get involved in, then endurance training is essential! Improve your cardiovascular fitness and learn how to effectively make use of our CV equipment.


Use the experience of our fitness instructors and gain some in-depth knowledge about human biomechanics and anatomy to help you on your fitness journey.

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Call: 020 7433 2127

*Each member is allowed to book maximum 2 ACTIVATE packages per year.